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Audit Medical Billing

Any change in the healthcare process can lead to major changes in medical billing, whether it’s a recent COVID-19 pandemic, when new diagnosis and procedures guidelines were laid by CMS or ICD-10 coding updates to track new respiratory infections. Providers need to stay continuously updated with federal regulation changes. Legion Medical Billing Audit teams can help you stay one step ahead, not only reducing your errors on implementation of new regulatory changes but even earn a profit on workflow.

Every provider today should have a complete understanding as to how billing audits suit their facility and help maintain cash flows. Legion Audit Medical Billing Service helps providers identify their opportunities and work on their weakness.

A means to organize

Our medical billing team will devote their time and resource to increase the profitability of your practice. Many providers think that medical billing audit service means only to review medical records documentation, but a medical audit service company will understand your specialty to run a complete diagnostic and procedure codes audit for claims. This will reduce your AR days significantly.

Missing Links

Legion Medical Billing Audit can help identify certain services provided to the patient that's not identified, maybe your evaluation and management documentation supports higher level of CPT codes for visits that might be checked. Quality measures might assist in showing missing documentation records that help identify new cash flow links.

Medicare is increasingly depending on quality measures via claims or using registries. If any provider fails to submit quality measures, they might be subjected to a penalty of 5% based on 2018 reporting; such penalties have increased to 9% for performance in 2020.

Here are few salient features of Legion Medical Billing Audit service:

Counsel patients incase of copayments during and after their visit. Patients are advised to make payments during their visit.

Verify patient's coverage and even communicate with the insurance company.

In case of copay scheduling, the payment calls to understand the payment percentage before payment posting.

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