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Legion Health Care: The Top Notch Medical Billing Service Provider for Ohio

Legion Healthcare Solutions is a prominent Medical Billing Company in Ohio and all other states of America.  They cater to the medical coding and billing requirements of doctors with different specialties. We provide medical billing to cardiologists, pediatricians, dentists, family doctors, and orthopedists, just to name a few. We help small to large practices to increase their revenue. This is possible because we help
to get the right fees from the patient. In a similar manner, we help to get the correct reimbursement from the insurance companies. 


We are the Best Medical Billing Companies in Ohio. We provide our services in all the main cities of Ohio. We have clients in all the major cities of Ohio like Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Kent, Findlay, Youngstown, Zanesville, and many more. We can help you constantly grow the income of the practice through our revenue cycle management systems. We have software and a systematic process of billing and coding. This system helps you to get reimbursement from the insurance companies faster and without any issues. 

Medical Billing Services We Offer in Ohio 


We Provide the Following Main Services of Medical Billing In Ohio And All Other States Of The USA

1.  Health Practiconer’s Credentialing With Federal And Private Insurance Companies


There are a number of physicians that provide various medical services. The patients that they cater to have insurance coverage of policies from different companies. Therefore it is very important that the documents of the physician are submitted to the insurance company and
that the credentialing is up to the mark. We help in this process and are a mediator between the payer and the practice to make sure that all the physicians in the medical organization have their credentialing completed.

2.          Through Eligibility And Verification Of The Patient


It is very important that before a patient books an appointment in the medical facility he or she should be completely aware of the patient’s responsibility for fees and the amount the primary, secondary, or tertiary insurance covers. This is possible if the eligibility and verification
of the patient are done in the right manner.  Our medical billers and coders do this work diligently so that the patient can set the right expectation in terms of money.

3.          Understand And Make Note Of The Demographics Of The Patient.


It is very important to understand the age, height, weight, date of birth, ethnicity, medical history, and other aspects that come from the patient’s demographics. It is equally inevitable that we have this information not only for the diagnosis but also to make sure that the
claim is approved. Legion healthcare solutions help in this matter.

4.             Electronic Claim Generation.


We generate the claims for you in electronic format and also help you to submit them to the respective payer. 

5.             Systematic Pursuit Of Claims And Denial Management

It is very important to note that regular claim follow-up is done with the insurance companies. These follow-ups help to get the reimbursements from the payers. Another aspect is denial management, which helps to deal with all the claims that are denied. This in turn will help us know why a claim was denied and how we can get reimbursement from the insurance company.

6.             Manage The Account Receivables


We help you manage your account receivables. So that you can know what the patients have to pay and what amount of reimbursement the insurance company will pay. 

Why Is Legion Healthcare Solution One Of The Best Billing And Coding Specialist

1. Updated With Federal And  State Laws

The federal and state laws have a number of amendments. Our team in Medical Billing In Ohio and other states of the USA makes sure to always remain updated about these amendments. 

2.             Coding Expertise 

We have complete knowledge of Medical Coding in Ohio and other states of the USA. This helps us to quote the right codes to the insurance companies. This in turn makes sure that the doctors get reimbursement from the payers. 

3.             Saves Time For Your Staff

The medical practice staff can invest their time and energy into other important matters like better service to the patients and methods to try to get more footfalls in the practice. On account of the event, our team will provide complete medical billing services.

4.             Helps To Increase Revenue

The medical practice will see an increase in your overall revenue because our Medical Billing Services in Ohio will help to increase revenue. The reason for this is that we will do our best to get the right reimbursement from the insurance companies. We would make this possible through our regular follow-up on claims that are pending and the claims denied.

5.             Complete Support

We provide complete support to our clients. Medical Practices and medical practitioners can contact us easily by calling us on the

# 727-475-1834 or email us at support@legionhealthcaresolutions.com

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