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Medical Billing Service Texas​


Legion HealthCare Solutions is a reputed company for Medical Billing Services In Texas. They are well known because of the involvement they show in their work. Moreover, they make sure to follow the best practices for Medical Billing and Coding in San Antonio and all other regions of Texas. Our online system of revenue cycle management is more techs savvy, proficient, and productive. You can bank on us when you outsource your billing process. We reevaluate your income cycle to make it more effective. However, we make sure that you are in complete control of the process.


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, the best aspect of our way of working is that we tailor the administrative and income strategies for the physicians on the basis of their needs. It would differ on the basis of the type of practice and the kind of practice. In other words, the strategies for a dental practice would be different from those for a dental hospital. In the same way, the approach to the revenue cycle for a chiropractic practice would be completely different than for a chiropractic hospital. The price range would also differ as per the efforts that we put in. Nevertheless, be rest assured that our prices are reasonable and fit very well into the budgets of our clients.


Why Should You Choose Legion Healthcare Solutions as Your Medical Billing Company in Texas?


We Are The Best In Texas For Medical Billing And Coding Services For The Following Reasons:

1. Emphasis on Flawless Medical Coding


Our expert medical billers and coders have all the required Medical Billing And Coding Certifications In Texas. This expertise helps them to be completely capable and thoroughly prepared. They can resolve any complicated queries with ease in regard to medical billing and coding. This in turn helps our staff to cater to medical services in Texas without any errors.


2. It Help to Speed up Cash Flow


We are the providers of top Medical Billing Services in Houston and other cities in Texas because we help clients get the appropriate amount for the services they render. We make this possible through our robust medical billing and coding system. This system helps physicians, practices, and hospitals receive the right amount of fees from the patients. On top of that, it also helps them get the appropriate reimbursements from the insurance companies. This plays a vital role in increasing the cash flow of the practices.


3. Better Patient Satisfaction 


We are the most sought-after Medical Billing Company In Dallas and other provinces of Texas because our main aim is to make sure that the doctors, as well as their patients, are satisfied. This is possible because of these aspects that we cover:


  1. Patients know their appointment schedule.
  2. Perfect eligibility and verification of the patient help them to set the right expectations.
  3. A clear idea of their out-of-pocket cost
  4. They know what amount the insurance company will pay.


4. Completion of All Compliance


We Consistently Make Sure To Check The Following And Remain Updated:


  1. The latest rules and regulations of the federal bodies
  2. Medical rule changes by the state-run bodies
  3. Keep an eye on the policy changes of the various insurance companies.
  4. We make sure to remain completely secure and HIPAA compliant.


5. Through an Action Plan for Denial Management


Sometimes, even though we follow all the rules and regulations and do the necessary checks, a claim may be denied. We understand this. Therefore, we follow an action plan to understand why a claim is denied. Our Texas Medical Billing Services staff makes sure to understand what steps can be taken to revoke this denial and get the reimbursement from the insurance company.

The salient Features of Our System of Medical Billing and Coding Online in Texas

We are the most well-known when you search for Medical Billing Services Near Me because we provide the following:


  1. We consider all the important information and details regarding the patient and the medical facility.
  2. We accommodate the proper disbursement of electronic as well as paper claims.
  3. We submit the claims in the proper manner to the primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance companies.
  4. We completely review and audit the ICD-10 and CPT codes.
  5. We do appropriate payment postings. Moreover, it is done in a diligent manner after we get the reimbursement from the insurance company or the payment from the patient.
  6. We personalize the monthly reporting format as per the medical practices’ needs.
  7. We observe the fee schedules and update the medical practice staff about them.
  8. We even provide, if necessary, refresher training along with updates to the clinical staff.
  9. We work on increasing the revenue of the company and show ways to cut down on the costs.

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