Legion Medical Billing solutions began with a team of 4 executives, with years passing, the team size grew, and so did the challenges. We moved from only a billing solution provider to a billing and healthcare technology solution provider, making physician reimbursement error-free.

Why Legion Healthcare Solutions provider?

  • More than 25000/ month claims processed
  • Error rate of 0.01 percent
  • For new physicians, reduced AR by 60 days
  • Processing claims for 15+ specialties
  • Region included 20 +

Here are some of Legion’s salient features:

Physician credentialing

AR management

Medical coding

Audit medical billing process

Healthcare technology

API Integration with EHR

Implement RPM

Insurance Verification

Data security process

Value-based care requires patient experience, as a physician you alone cannot tackle it. Legion Healthcare Solutions provider comes with an experience of tacking billing regulations and making technological decisions. We regard the requirements and build on innovation for your practice.