Our fees are based on the scope of services that we will perform in combination with the several services we can provide like coding, charge and demo entry, A/R follow up, payment posting, credentialing and more. For these services we have fees that can be a percentage of net collections, a flat fee or a per application fee.

Legion Healthcare Solutions, handle all the specialties. Click here for more information

We provide a mutually agreed set of weekly and monthly reports. In addition, our clients have access to our billing system.

You can send via a high-speed duplex scanner. It scans all documents to our servers and enters the processing systems.

The setup process starts once you sign the contract. Normally, the process takes 2 -7 days for most physicians. After reviewing your healthcare facility we can give you a more accurate estimate.

Yes, we follow-up on unpaid claims. We strongly believe that “Thorough and regular follow-up on unpaid claims will result in fewer losses and more revenue”.

We do not charge any start up fee.

Yes, we can work on your current billing software.