Increasing patient volume was the initial marketing approach any healthcare facility followed to business value. However, with pandemic, healthcare facilities across the globe have changed their strategy to bring value-based information into their marketing.

At Legion, along with healthcare facilties, we understand the dilemma of patients today, we build an information pool for the facility which can be used by patients to make procedural decisions.

Each healthcare facility is located uniquely in demography, healthcare regulation, payer cycle, and patient understanding; we look to encompasses all these into our healthcare marketing plan. Legion Healthcare marketing solutions have two parts: Online and offline media.

Online Media

Legion doesn’t end with digital and social media marketing. From online business portal management to building brand communication with patients, we offer an end-to-end solution to all healthcare facilities. Dealing with patient testimonials, highlighting your accomplishments across domains, or building a reach around a topic, we can reaffirm your practice starting today.

Offline Media

Offline media is based on demographic influence. Print ads and magazine pages can be a start, with creating a storyline around your accomplishments and testimonials, we would still be looking at making your patient-centric care.

Healthcare SEO:

Healthcare SEO covers content up-gradation, website building, demographic tagging and Google Indexing. We provide the basic infrastructural impetus to start your business online and then provide a search engine optimization push to provide an impetus to bring growth for your business.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing:

Building a healthcare brand requires two-way communication. Your patient will continuously want to be in touch about their health, social media offers the correct channel for you to influence your situation.

Healthcare business domain management

Your healthcare business will be as good as your domain, from website development to building online influence through the business listing, we understand what your facility needs for business domain management.

Healthcare paid marketing

A combined package of SEO and paid marketing bring influence and increases your awareness among the patients. Paid marketing can be synced with lead generation to provide value-based care.

Healthcare content development and marketing

Healthcare is still going through a transformation of building a sustainable marketing plan, hence being agile and innovative help is falling behind in the line. Content development and marketing influences patient’s decision making, making you move from awareness to lead generation.

Healthcare print and offline marketing

Print and offline media can be vast for any healthcare facility; navigating it can be cumbersome. Our offline healthcare plan is led by demographic and patient response, we bring patients to understand what you provide and why you provide. Magazine, brochures, and print ads, we have all grounds covered.