Providers need modern solution for reaching each patient and payer.

Healthcare providers have moved to a disparate system of patient, technology, and payer. Today any provider won’t find every part of healthcare under one roof, making network technology solutions imperative for the process of healthcare. So, from where do you start, when you look towards an array of technology that can be brought from any eCommerce website or near-by tech shop, Legion Healthcare Network solutions understands the internet need of tech to stay afloat along with separating the patient care.

Here are some salient features of Legion Healthcare Network solutions:

Feature 1

Patient experience

Today every provider is willing to go step up their practice to provide a complete patient experience. It can be telemedicine or automatic reminders for monthly check-ups, technology will be your partner bringing healthcare to your step.

Feature 2

Admin the paper-work

Front desk or back office a coordinated solution led by a team of IT professionals can reduce which usually takes months for a paper-based system. Our IT team reduces the friction points on the overall network of information flow.

Feature 3

Safety, security, and compliance

HIPAA, CCPA, or payer’s compliance laws, we understand every part of data flow and continuously check for vulnerabilities.

RPA (Robotic Automation Process):

RPA emulates human actions when interacting with software and systems. RPA came in healthcare to improve patient and payer interaction with providers, it has moved certainly from its simple action making patient scheduling calendars to claim management, RPA is reducing human errors in menial tasks. Legion Billing Solutions include RPA that is physician-friendly and cost-effective. With improved appointment turnaround and elimination of human errors, RPA could just be the step for you towards profitability.

API (Application Program Interface):

API helps in communication between two different disparate systems. The two systems can be software (EHR), servers or storage units. Modern APIs are standardized to be developer-friendly, accessible, and secured. Continuously monitored for governance and regulations, API will provide right tool to connect your healthcare systems. We understand the complexity of healthcare tech, with the utilization of EHR and payer technology, you will look into the conundrum of software’s with manageable interoperability.