LHS Solutions

  1. Synchronizing the Medical Billing process with Healthcare regulation.
  2. In addition to discussing revenue with you, we discuss the building process of value-based care.
  3. Understand how to deal with value-based care and reduce the growing denials of your claims.
  4. Legion is a solutions provider and it’s a partner bringing resources and experience.
  5. credentialing
  6. Prior Authorization

Medical Billing defines the whole process of claims submissions, clearinghouse strategy and generating income for providers.

A team of 100 coders and billers catering to different specialties.

Dealing with 2000 claims daily.

Physician credentialing within 90 days.

To fulfill pandemic demands new hotline for Insurance verification.

AR callers available 24/7 for 300 days.

The protocols and procedures that we follow to streamline the workflow

A balance between care and payer.

Medical coding demands experience and patience, know how we do it for more than 150 providers.


Complexity of coding is a result when we moved from ICD-9 to ICD-10, for procedures, it moved from 3,824 to 71,924, for diagnosis, it moved from 14,025 codes to 69, 823 codes.


Appeals and denials need to be synched before we begun our medical billing journey. Let’s know how we make your appeals dependable.


Part or no reimbursement, changing RCM process based on specialty and payer regulation will affect you.


Technology healthcare solutions boost you to adherence federal regulations. Knowing where the data is most vulnerable will help you bring right solutions.


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