Cardiology practice offers a variety of services; when a patient schedules an appointment, there are a range of services that can be offered. The cardiology billing differs based on setting: Hospital, surgery, or doctors office. Cardiology billing and coding differs from other specialists, as many of the invasive treatments do require different modifiers based on payer.

Legion Healthcare Solutions (LHS) cardiology medical coding and billing strive to provide accurate coding for every setting of provider, we conduct audits of every documentation. Any error in your cardiology billing will lead to denial, reducing the chance of 100 percent reimbursement.

“In cardiology billing, our focus has been AR days. Anything more than 120 days is a red flag for us because it reduces the chances of reimbursement. Our biggest focus is to keep the AR days between 30 to 60 days.”

– Cardiology Billing Manager

LHS regularly keeps observing the coding changes in cardiology. The covid pandemic, where the physicians started focussing on the symptoms, new coding guidelines were issued making documentation imperative.

Documentation is the key for any RCM and billing process, in cardiology it becomes the core of billing. Coding for cardiac procedures can be tricky, with documentation missing, codable components can be missing, leading to reimbursement loss.

Certain patient’s health status is determined by outcome and costs. Many of the cardiology patients have comorbid conditions that result in higher reimbursements. LHS includes diagnosis codes for all the relevant comorbidities documented by the provider showing the complexity of the treatment and including the treatment.

Cardiology providers in many cases cannot provide more than one cardiology treatment. Based on LHS coding experts in such cases procedure amount for less expensive will be reduced by 25%.

Pre-authorizations for cardiology procedures to avoid claims denials.

Based cardiology treatment or surgery setting billing process will vary.

Cath lab procedures need to be documented and coded error-free, a team of certified coders will audit the claim.

Modifiers play a major role in Cardiology billing, ranging from surgeries to equipment’s.

Cardiology certified and experienced coders with more than 10 years of experience.

To mitigate your denials, we monitor your AR days regularly. At LHS, cardiology AR days are less than 90 days.

API and RPM-based technology to improve patient experience.