Dental medical billing is different compared to all other specialties’ medical billing. For most specialty-based medical billing we look towards maximizing the reimbursements using documentation and coding but with dental Legion Healthcare Solutions (LHS) looks at patient care and service delivery. Service delivery includes dental services like TMD, implants, oral surgeries, bone grafts, sleep apnea, laser procedures, exams, and radiographs.

LHS has a team of certified coders and billers who have worked extensively with dental practices in US. With a focus on why the procedure needs to be done, it in cases the dental clinic chances of getting to several underlying problems ad even show the reason of patient care. The underlying patient condition will even affect the procedure, hence the diagnosis needs to be supporting.

“When it comes to patient diagnosis coding, it’s usually simple for dental when they visit once in a year or six months. However, if the patient is showing regular cavities or caries, they might be suffering from an underlying condition that might be anything from oral infection to diabetes. Hence we usually encourage the dental clinic to get the patient’s underlying information before any procedure it gives a complete view of patientcare service.”

– Certified Coder and Biller Working Dental Billing

LHS is increasingly observing that overlap between medical and dental services, leading to reimbursement being messed. We have observed over the years, billing patients’ medical benefits plan eases the financial burden on the patients and conserving their annual dental insurance plan. Having single dental insurance is enough if the patient is without any underlying condition affecting their dental health.

Coding support for pre-diagnosis of patient condition. LHS team of certified coders will constantly be in touch with the dental clinic to support patient care.

Certain medical insurance like Medicare pays for treatment provided by dentists but not as a dental procedure. Medicare only covers the treatment provided covered under the Dental Practice Act.

Current Dental Terminology (CDT) are codes established by ADA to identify procedures for patients for oral treatment. CDT codes is used by LHS coders to bill for any dental claim.

CMS-1500 claim form is used for dental medical billing plans. With a brief introduction to dental/medical cross-coding, specific CPT coding, diagnostic codes. LHS coders be an added asset when it comes to use of Asterisk code, E/M codes, and modifiers for booth procedures and diagnostic codes.

AR management for dental billing to reduce the rate of denials.

Documentation assistance from experts of dental billing to improve diagnostic coding.

Credentialing support to expand clinic patientcare network.

Analytical model support for dentists based on different factors of billing and coding. Legion focuses on an analytical model to improve claim processes, through each step of RCM LHS has threshold when we initiate a process.

API-and RPM-based technology from legion will improve your patient care.