Medical Billing is in an ever-changing state of the reimbursement process, from private insurance companies to Medicare changing regulatory requirements, affecting physicians and patients. According to recent study physicians on average lose over $130 per patient, even every patient saw 13% average increase in out-of-pocket costs.

Every Family Practice faces billing and coding challenges with rapidly evolving technology and increasing complex treatment protocols that include general practice, primary care, prevention of infectious diseases, and E&M service. The challenge list is longer and even changing as treatment protocols differ based on patient demography, Legion Healthcare Solutions (LHS) understands the evolving problem of family practice physicians and cope with it, billing managers act as a platform for regulators connecting physicians and insurance companies.

“Family Practice has been one of the most evolving healthcare specialties. Most of the patients are in-patient but still the underlying problem of documentation for diagnosis makes it difficult for family physicians. Family practice coding is extremely complicated and requires experienced and certified coders to accurately code for patients.”

– a Billing Manager at Legion Healthcare Solutions

Accurate documentation is imperative when dealing with patients that have a history of other illnesses, the preventive procedures and diagnostic procedures recommended by the physicians will need to be aligned with coding requirements.

Collection Process

Most family practice physicians don’t have a prior authorization process followed by the collection process resulting in low reimbursement. In case of inpatients regularly, verify the patient information and their eligibility even before they walk in for a process, this will help LHS plan the collection process. Legion will give a complete overview of the patient's financial obligations in case of procedures not covered under insurance, making improved patient care for your practice.

Certified team of Coders

Each of Legion coders are Certified Family Practice Coder (CFPC), with the ability to read and abstract notes of physicians to apply the correct level of ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS level II and modifier coding assignments. Coding for minor surgical procedures performed by family physicians and need for RVU in case of multiple procedures. Legion has coding audits to look for mismatches in case of procedure and coding errors.

Add denied Claims

Family practice depends on documentation and coding, hence any errors in coding will affect family practice reimbursement. Auditing denied claims helps Legion prevent further errors and even provides a checklist to other coders to prevent such errors. Legion regularly conducts coding and billing audits for all our claims to prevent errors and educate our team.

Documentation experts are variable for the family practice specialty to prevent billing errors and improve reimbursement.

Technology-based solution for claims to reduce paper-based system demand for all physicians.

Credentialing service available for all family practice physicians.

Software solutions to improve billing process and insurance support.

API-and RPM-based technology support to improve patient communication.