Urology specialty tends to overlap many of the other specialties like gynecology, pediatrics, andrology, and oncology making it one of the most challenging billing and coding specialty of all. Urology coding and billing require overall expertise to deal with billing and coding complexities. Over the years Legion Healthcare Solutions (LHS) Urology Medical Billing Services has observed that urologists tend to focus on delivering patient care resulting in the loss of payment.

According to a recent survey from a group of urologists with revenue of more than $100,000 said that they could improve on their billing margins by managing their denials and underpayments better. Legion has observed that one of the major reasons urologists don’t get paid is the lack of documentation of patient health and sprawl of denials.

“Urology billing has been interesting for us, the revenue generation over the years has remained constant which can be called good but is bad of business. While most of the claims going into denials are not considered, at Legion, we change this and bring a complete denial management team to work on urology billing” Billing Manager for Urology at Legion ” Legion isn’t an outsourcing billing solution; we bring expertise in-house to support billing requirements.

– Certified Coder for Urology Billing at LHS

Prior Authorization

As a urologist, you might have heard the nervous patient ask, is this procedure really necessary. During billing, urologists have to explain and show documents that pertain to the necessity of such a urological procedure. Urological procedures are costly and with prior authorization by following all the insurance guidelines paves the way for any amount of getting paid.

Quality Checks for Billing

Urology procedures are costly and even a slight error in billing could cause massive loss to your practice. At Legion, we have a certified team of coders and billers who work with billing managers for each claim. Each claim goes through a process of audits. Even if the claim is denied after understanding all the factors of EOB (Explanation of Benefits), our team quickly changes the process of claim submission to eliminate the denial.

Customized Billing Solutions

Legion billing over the years has built a solution to suit all the urologist requirements. Our billing dashboard provides a complete overview of which of the following claims are under which process. We believe in reducing the operational costs of physicians by engaging the technology, whenever it’s required.


Credentialing can be a challenge when you’re shifting your states or just starting your own practice. Legion has a team of credentialing experts in all the states across the US to support any Ad Hoc requirements.

Analytical based solution to support claims and denials.

24/7 denial management and documentation available with Legion.

HIPAA certified billing process to secure all your data.

API-and RPM-based solutions to support your patient care.