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Essentials of Payer Contract Negotiations

Reimbursements are a significant source of revenue for healthcare practices.

Everything You Need to Know About E/M Documentation

A significant portion of your practice’s billable services are comprised of evaluation and management (E&M) services.

Understanding Basics of EDI Enrollment

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an innovative digital communication tool that is used to deliver data from a provider to a payer.

Proposed Billing Guidelines for Opioid Treatment Programs

In July 2022, CMS proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule for the year 2023. We discussed the revised billing guidelines for Opioid Treatment Programs proposed in this rule.

Understanding Provider Credentialing Process

For understanding the provider credentialing process in detail and to remove any confusion, experts here at Legion Health Care Solutions shared step by step guide on provider credentialing.

Perks of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

Next-gen practice owners are outsourcing their complete medical services.

Understanding Key Medical Billing Metrics

In this article, let’s understand the key medical billing metrics and how tracking them could help in increasing your practice collections.

Tips to Improve Your Practice Collections

Medical billing and coding require an in-depth understanding of billing terminologies, state-specific billing and coding guidelines, insurance carrier reimbursement policies, medical specialty-wise insurance coverage, and many others.

Understanding Medicare Part A, B, and D Coverage

In this article, we shared basics of Medicare coverage and services covered under every plan. It will help providers and billers to collect accurate patient responsibility at the time of service only.

Improving Revenue Cycle Management of Healthcare Practice

Efficient revenue cycle management is essential for healthcare practice to operate successfully.