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Watch Out for Claim Denials Pulling Your Practice Down

Claim denials received from government and commercial insurance carriers halt the process of steady insurance collections.

Essentials of Payer Contract Negotiations

Reimbursements are a significant source of revenue for healthcare practices.

Guidelines for Emergency Department Evaluation and Management Codes

The basic requirement for emergency department (ED) is, the facility must be available 24 hours a day.

Understanding Origin and Destination Codes in Ambulance Billing

An important ambulance billing best practice is knowing how to code ambulance transport origins and destinations properly.

Documentation Guidelines for Ultrasound Examination

Accurate and complete documentation and communication by all members of the diagnostic ultrasound health care team are essential for high-quality patient care.

How MPFS is Changing Pain Management Billing for 2023

Let’s understand how MPFS is changing pain management billing for 2023.

Guide to Medicare’s 8-Minute Rule for Physical Therapists

You deserve to be paid for the services you provide in accordance with Medicare’s rules, and we can assist you with that.

Increased Importance of Telehealth Physical Therapy post Pandemic

During a pandemic, telehealth physical therapy has evolved and overcome its limitations.

Why Physicians are Outsourcing Medical Billing?

Let’s try to understand why physicians feel outsourcing medical billing services is the right option.