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Commonly Used Modifiers for Global Surgeries

Understanding of modifiers for global surgeries, ensures that healthcare organizations are getting paid accurately while billing for all services and without fear of external payer audits.

Billing for Critical Care Visits: Everything You Need to Know

Billing for critical care visits is challenging due to various factors affecting billing scenarios and code selection.

Guidelines for Emergency Department E/M CPT Codes

Any physician seeing a patient registered in the emergency department may use Emergency Department E/M CPT codes i.e., 99281 – 99285.

Understanding Basics of Evaluation and Management Service

Evaluation and management (E/M) procedure (CPT) codes ranges from 99202 to 99499 representing services provided by a physician or other qualified healthcare professional.

Guidelines for Chemotherapy Administration Codes

Chemotherapy administration codes apply to parenteral administration of non-radionuclide anti-neoplastic drugs

Pediatric Audiology Billing Guidelines for 2023

Pediatric audiology billing guidelines can be confusing as it varies from one insurance carrier to another.

Getting Ready for Revenue Cycle Challenges in 2023

In a recent Revenue Cycle Management Virtual Summit, c-suite executives, revenue cycle directors, and other leaders from healthcare organizations discussed the most significant challenges and opportunities in revenue cycle management.

Differentiating Between Medicare Repair and Replacement in DME

DME suppliers often confuse between repair and replacement, making errors while submitting claims to Medicare

4 Key Points in Gastroenterology Billing To Get Reimbursed

Insurance reimbursements are core to any practice’s successful day-to-day operations and Gastroenterology practices are no exception.

Common Hand Surgery Coding Mistakes

Hand surgery coding plays an important role in accurately determining the procedure performed and quantifying the amount of work done by the surgeon.