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How can Durable Medical Equipment Billing Companies Relieve Doctors from Medical Equipment Concerns?

Doctors toil to listen to their patient’s concerns and identify the kind of medical issues patients face. And treat them. However, in some cases, doctors are unable to complete treatments because they require medical equipment. In cases of operations, the patients have to
stay in the hospital for some time and require much different equipment. Right from the time of diagnosis of the medical ailment to the time when the patient finally becomes healthy. A medical or dental practice requires various equipment to treat the patients. This blog touches the topic on how durable Medical Equipment Billing Companies can come to the rescue of doctors and help them resolve medical equipment concerns. 

What is Durable Medical Equipment Billing?

In the medical billing service, the doctor gets reimbursed for the services he or she renders. In a similar manner, if doctors use any medical equipment for diagnosis or treatment they are reimbursed through Durable Medical Equipment Billing

There are specific DME Billing Guidelines that determine the medical equipment doctor’s use at the time of treatment, surgeries, and sometimes even after treatment. The equipment that is used repetitively is termed Durable medical equipment. The cost of that equipment is
very high so many times the doctors rent that equipment instead of purchasing it. Even if a hospital or clinic purchases the equipment requires timely maintenance for efficient and smooth running. If the doctor prescribes a patient to use any of that equipment the patient bears the cost or the doctor sometimes bears it. Durable Medical Equipment Billing reimburses the rental cost of that equipment.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Durable Medical Equipment Billing?

There are a number of advantages if a hospital or medical practice outsources DME In Medical Billing to a Durable Medical Company. These benefits are as follows:

1. Medical Billing DME Outsourcing Removes Complications

Just like the other medical billing services a hospital or medical practice has to quote the DME Codes In Medical Billing to get a reimbursement from the insurance companies. In fact, each and every stage of the treatment requires some of the other equipment costs/ these DME Billing Codes have to be up to the mark otherwise the insurance company will reject the claim. The code E2402 is used for negative pressure wound therapy electrical pumps, stationary or portable. Similarly, E0601 is used for continuous airway pressure, and K0004 is used for high strength, lightweight wheelchairs, etc. It becomes difficult for the doctors or their staff to do the correct coding in between their crucial work and understand the nuances of these codes. At that time outsourcing a reputed Durable Medical Equipment Billing Company can come to the rescue.

2. Helps to Lessen Paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork involved in Durable Medical Equipment Billing. Infect, is much more than other medical billing services. The medical practice has to give the following details:

  • Details of the equipment used for the patient
  • The length of time the patient requires that
  • What is the per day rent of that equipment?
  • Suitable usage of Durable Medical Equipment Software

If a medical or dental practice decides to outsource the Durable Medical Equipment Billing the practice can get off the burden of that paperwork.

3. Saves Time 

If a practice decides to outsource DME Coding and Billing it saves time for the doctor or the medical staff. This is because durable medical equipment billing company does all the major chores like:

a.  Coding the medical equipment

b.  Sending the claim to the insurance company 

c.   Following up with the insurance company 

d.   Managing the claims that are denied 

4. Helps to Increase Revenue

The doctors can earn a good amount of remuneration for this durable medical equipment only when the DME Billing Codes quoted in the claim are up to the mark. If the practice decides to outsource them to the DME Insurance Billing Company they can earn a fair amount of remuneration.

5. Better Claim Denial Management

There are many reasons why an insurance company denies a particular claim. A durable medical equipment billing company will go through the DME Billing Guidelines thoroughly and do a back and forth with the insurance company to understand the reasons for the denial and get it resolved.  


Why Should You Choose Legion Healthcare Solution as Your Durable Medical Equipment Billing Company? 

Legion Health Care Solution is the best choice because:

  1. We have experts who have been in the field of medical billing for a long time. These experts come up with the solution to all aspects of Medical Billing DME.
  2. The experts do durable medical equipment coding without any errors which will help you to get your fair share of remuneration.
  3. We do the complete and proper paperwork so there will be no chance of claim rejection.
  4. Even if there is a chance of denial we do the required follow-ups with the patient and the insurance company to get the denied claim approved.