How Does a Radiology Medical Billing Services Provider Help a Radiologist?

How Does a Radiology Medical Billing Services Provider Help a Radiologist?

Radiology is an important part of medication and medical processes. In radiology, as the name
suggests, radioactive beams of rays are utilized to get photos of the patient’s body. This plays
an important role in identifying the ailment. Let us understand how a radiology medical billing service provider helps a radiologist do his work in a better fashion.

What is Radiology?

Radiology is divided into two parts on the basis of specialization. The former is the use of
conclusive radiology, in which radioactive rays are used to get a picture of the patient’s body
and give it to the specialist, while the latter is interventional radiology, in which the radiologist
also determines the disease that the patient is suffering from.

Why is radiology important?

Radiology nowadays is considered to be one of the most critical tools that not only helps to
diagnose many diseases but also helps to monitor treatments and foretell the results of a
particular treatment. Therefore, the role of a radiologist is very important.

Why should a radiologist hire a good radiology billing company?

There are a number of reasons why a radiologist should hire a reputed
radiology medical billing company. These reasons are as below:

Take Special Care of Your Revenue Cycle:

The radiology medical billing organization is a specialist in radiology coding and billing.
Therefore, they play a significant role in making sure that the radiology revenue cycle management is done in the best manner. These organizations work nonstop to get you a full
and fair repayment from the patients and the correct reimbursement from the insurance companies. They frequently function as a middle person between the insurance agency and the
radiologist and make sure everything is up to scratch.

Support in the documentation

Documentation is an important part of claim filing. Therefore, a radiologist has to make sure that
all the documentation is submitted on time. The reimbursement from the insurance company It
depends on documentation. Many claims are rejected for the sole reason of incomplete
documentation or late submission of documentation. A radiology medical billing services
expert makes sure of error-free, timely documentation.

Proficiency in coding

Billing for radiology services is not an easy task. There are a lot of complex codes that one has
to look into. These codes require an appropriate interpretation. Since the radiology billers and
coders are through with the coding, they can easily decipher the codes and make sure that the
claim is passed and the doctor gets his reimbursement from the insurance company.

Unburden the Staff from Medical Billing Issues

Many radiology specialist billing providers like Legion Healthcare Solutions look into the
entire life cycle of the patient. This lifecycle starts from:

a. Eligibility and verification of patients
This is the most important aspect wherein the right expectations are set between the patient and
the radiologist. The patient understands what the amount he or she will bear and what the
insurance company will provide. Therefore, it is very essential that all the aspects of eligibility
and verification of the patient are taken care of.

b. Complete Documentation

The radiology billing companies provide complete documentation assistance and make sure
that all the documentation required to file the claim is present. In fact, they have a checklist of
documents that are required and they make sure that they are followed to the T.

c. Assigning codes to the service rendered

This is the most important part. Here, the radiology biller or coder makes sure that the right code
is quoted for filing the claim. He also considers the recent updates in federal or state-related
laws or changes in the insurance policy.

d. Iinterpret codes
Interpretation of the codes is another crucial aspect. As discussed earlier, the codes are the
most important aspect of radiology billing. A radiologist looks after different kinds of diseases.
The reports of a radiologist can be useful to diagnose, treat, or get results for a vast majority of
physicians with different specialties.

e. File a claim
Filing the claim on time and with the right documentation is a step that plays a vital role in
getting reimbursement from the insurance companies. The radiology billing companies
make sure that the file has all the documentation, correct codes, and is filed on time..

f. Do denial management if the claim is denied
Even after taking all the precautions, there are chances that the claims might get denied.
Therefore, the radiology medical biller and coder make sure that the radiologist receives a
response why the code was denied and they take the right steps to make sure that the denied
claims getsgetroved.

How is Legion Healthcare Solutions different?

We at Legion Health Care Solutions are different from any other radiology billing and coding
company in the USA because

1. We have the right administrative and coding skills.
2. Expert and devoted staff that work in the radiology division
3. Embrace all the extensive radiology medical billing and coding and create the right
strategies to increase the revenue

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coding administration.
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