How Does Dermatology Medical Billing Company Assist A Dermatologist In Better Dermatology Revenue Cycle Management

How Does Dermatology Medical Billing Company Assist A Dermatologist In Better Dermatology Revenue Cycle Management?

Dermatology is the study of treatment and diagnosis of issues related to skin, hair, nail, or mucous membrane. A dermatologist is a doctor who treats the above health issues. In this article, we will deal with the aspect of how a dermatology practice can get a steady flow of revenue through the help of a reputed Dermatology Medical Billing Company.


Why is the Role of a Dermatologist Significant?


Just like any other body part the health of our skin, nails and hair are also equally important. In fact, they are one of the critical aspects of our body. Moreover, since they are external body parts they shield our internal body from different germs, viruses, and fungi. Thus it is inevitable that they should be healthy. A dermatologist plays a key role in the process to improve the health of these body parts. They work day in and day out to make sure that our skin, hair, and nails are in the best of health.


They can treat a number of different conditions like Acne, Fungal Infections, vitiligo, Apart from the varied range of skin conditions the dermatologist also does cosmetic surgery.

What is Dermatology Medical Billing Service?


The various skin and hair conditions require different types of treatments like chemical peel, cosmetic injections, laser surgery, etc. The cost for these treatments is also very high. Therefore patients take insurance coverage to pay these costs. The insurance company pays the dermatology practice on the basis of claims that they send. A dermatology medical billing services provider helps the dermatologist in proper documentation of the claims to make sure that they receive the money that they are entitled to…

What Is Dermatology Revenue Cycle Management?


Dermatology Revenue Cycle Management deals with the monetary interactions of the dermatological practice. It is the process of use of
dermatological billing software and the creation of systems that can help practices to track the revenue right from the appointment to the receiving of money from the insurance company or/and the patient.


Why Does A Dermatologist Require Dermatology Medical Billing Company?


Let us now understand why a dermatologist should take assistance from a Dermatology Medical Billing Service Provider


1.   To Get Proper Remuneration


We require a trained expert to treat skin conditions. In a similar manner, we require a Dermatology Medical Billing Service provider to help doctors to get the proper remuneration for the services they render.


2.   Dermatology Coding Is Tricky


Coding is one of the major and tricky tasks. Some of the dermatology medical billing codes are 40490 for Biopsy Lip, 15789 for a chemical peel, facial, dermal, 12021 for treatment of superficial wound dehiscence with packing. It is this coding that is responsible for the proper remuneration. If a dermatology practice makes mistakes in Dermatology Coding and does not quote the proper symptoms then there are chances that the claim might get rejected… It is very important to quote the codes correctly. Therefore, to avoid this it is important to outsource the dermatology medical billing to an expert.

3.   Minimize Paperwork


A dermatologist should Outsource Dermatology Medical Billing Services to minimize the paperwork that is required in this process.


4.   Avoid Errors


A Dermatology Billing and Coding Expert will not only save time but even will minimize any errors that might occur while doing the paperwork.

5.   Give More Attention to Patients


To treat the skin or hair conditions dermatologists have to understand the patient’s health conditions. These specialists have to give all their attention to the patients. If these doctors get themselves or their staff involved in the lengthy and complex billing work then they might not be able to give their undivided attention to their patients. They can avoid this situation by outsourcing the Dermatology Billing Services. Moreover, It will save their valuable time. They can use this time to treat the patients.


6.   Helps To Increase Revenue of the Practice


As seen earlier the main advantage of Dermatology Medical Billing Services is that they help dermatologists and dermatological practices and hospitals to get hair remunerations for their services. This is possible because outsourcing the Dermatology Medical Billing Services
means that expert dermatological coders do this work. This will give the concerned doctors their proper share of remuneration which in turn will help to increase their revenue.


Why Choose Legion Health Care As Your Partner In Medical Billing For Dermatology?


A Legion Healthcare Solution is a prominent Dermatology Billing Company. We provide the following facilities:


  1. Help in better Dermatology Revenue Cycle Management.
  2. We have Dermatology Coding Experts who complete complex coding work on a dermatologist’s behalf,
  3. We look after all the lengthy and time-consuming paperwork.
  4. We do our best to get you the fair remuneration that dermatologists deserve. 
  5. We look after the proper claim filing of a rejected claim