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How to Execute a Robust Pain Management Collection System

Pain management collection is a very dynamic field. The reason is that the ICD codes are complex. Moreover, the payer’s demands also change from time to time. Due to these reasons, it becomes inevitable that we have an effective Pain management collection system. This blog discusses in detail the ways you can improve Pain management collection.

There are many techniques or methods to treat the pain of different parts of the body. As medical practitioners, doctors and nurses do their best to relieve the patient from their pain. This effort of pain relief is called Pain Management Practice.

It is important to create a robust methodology that can help Pain Management Practices to collect the money they deserve. This is where Pain Management Billing Companies come into play. It is certain that an uptight Pain Management Collection System for medical practitioners gets them the right due for the services they render. This practice is quite different from medical billing. So let us understand how pain management works.

How Does Pain Management Billing Work?

he Pain Management Practice Management Process Comprises Many Steps. Let Us Understand These Steps:

  1. Firstly the nurse or any concerned person at the doctor’s office collects general information about a patient’s pain like what part of the body has pain, how severe is the pain, what are the time intervals of the pain etc.
  2. Then this information is documented and is transferred into codes
  3. The medical practitioner renders the services
  4. The documents are sent to the insurance companies to claim the money.

A Reputed Pain Management Medical Billing Company In The USA Helps With Entering The Right Codes And Checking The Codes For Accuracy.

What Is Pain Management Coding?

Pain Management Coding is the description of pain a patient undergoes in the form of codes.

For example, neoplasm-related pain is coded as 338.3. There are a number of Pain Management Billing Companies in the USA that can help a practice to put the right codes. Moreover, these companies also lighten the burden of the current staff so that the medical practice can focus on increasing patient flow and serving the current ones.

Why Is Pain Management Coding So Important?

Codes help the insurance companies to accept or reject the claim. Therefore, if a medical practitioner wants the right amount for the service rendered he or she needs to do the following: 

Accurate Information at Appointment

The medical staff should update the accurate information about the patient’s pain at the time of appointment and when the service is rendered. If the documentation is up to the mark at the time of appointment the dental practice wins half of the battle in the race to get the right due for service from the insurance company. Therefore it becomes unavoidable to provide exact information from the patients. The medical staff should take care to document everything clearly and transparently before they transfer it to the coding department.

Appoint Staff That Understands Pain Codes

The role of a Pain Management Medical Billing Expert comes into play in this step. The coder documents the condition of the pain exactly as the medical team tells him. This will help the insurance company in reimbursement. Inaccurate or false coding will lead to the cancellation of the claim.

Therefore, the medical practitioner should appoint a staff that understands the codes well. On the other hand, they can also outsource the work to Pain Management Medical Billing Services providers who can help with codes. There are many pain management codes like 338.11 is the code for acute pain due to trauma or 338.22 is the code for chronic post-thoracotomy pain and so each code will have its own claim money. In such a situation the right Billing for Pain Management Services is of paramount importance.

Update the Accurate Information After Service Is Rendered

There are a number of discrepancies in the information which leads to denial. This in turn leads to loss to either the practitioner or out-of-pocket payment to the patient. Both cases can cause tangible or intangible loss to the company. An unhappy patient would think twice before taking the service again. Secondly, it will also affect the reputation of the practice so proper documentation should be done. A subject matter expert in Pain Management Billing And Coding USA will be able to handle this state of affairs with ease.

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