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How Do OB-GYN Medical Billers And Coders Help Practices?

Childbirth is a miracle for the very reason that the mother puts her own life on the line to bring forth her little one into the world. OB-GYN practitioners make this miracle possible through their flawless services. In this article, we will understand how OB/GYN Medical Billers and Coders help practices achieve better revenue. This is possible through better reimbursements from insurance companies. Moreover, the practice can levy the right out-of-pocket fees from patients.

OB-GYN has two terms. In it, OB is obstetrics, which deals with the maternity phase right from conception, labor, and childbirth to postpartum. On the other hand, GYN means gynecology, which is the diagnosis and treatment of the female reproductive system, which includes the vagina, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc.

Why Is It Important To Outsource To An OB-GYN Medical Biller And Coder?


Let us now understand why an OB-GYN practice should seek the help of an OB-GYN Billing and Coding Service.


1. Unburden the OB-GYN Practice

We understand that the work of OB-GYN practice is very complicated. It is very difficult for a gynecologist, obstetrics specialist or their staff to keep track of all the OB-GYN Coding Guidelines and Best Practices. An OB/GYN Billing & Coding Services provider can come to the rescue in that case because they have in-depth knowledge of the subject.

2. To Avoid The Neglect Of Medical Billing

Patients need constant care. The work of doctors is to provide care, support, and attention to patients. An obstetric and gynecologist as well as his or her staff will always be on their toes. Moreover, there might be emergencies at any time. In this busy schedule, it is difficult to juggle medical billing and keep an updated list of codes for OB/GYN billing. This neglect can be avoided if the practice hires an OB/GYN billing services provider in Texas or any other state in the US.

3. Save Time And Energy Through Proper Designation

When you hire a reputed OB/GYN Billing & Coding Services Provider, you designate the work to a specialist. The coder would have spent years understanding the various OB-GYN billing codes. Moreover, they would have hands-on experience dealing with codes because they cater to other similar clients. This designated assignment would help the practice save time as well as work hours, which they can invest in bringing more patients to the OB-GYN practice as well as serve the current patients better.

4. It helps to decrease paper work.

Apart from coding, medical billing has a lot of paperwork requirements. Similarly, there is a lot of back and forth required from patients and insurance companies to get remuneration and reimbursement. One has to send emails, letters, and even go on calls to get this information and update this information correctly. If you miss or make any errors in this paperwork, there are chances of claim delay and even claim rejection. Thus, to avoid these errors, it is important to have a dedicated staff that will look after all your billing paperwork and will keep track of the claims.

Why is Legion HealthCare Solutions a sort-after name in OB/GYN Medical Billers and Coders?

There are many reasons why Legion Healthcare Solutions for its OB/GYN Coding Services in Florida, Texas, and all the states in the USA. Here are some of the main points:

1. Updated Knowledge about OB/GYN Related Codes and Guidelines

There are constant changes in the billing policies and guidelines. It is difficult to cope with these ever changing OB-GYN Billing Guidelines. The medical staff or the obstetrician or gynecologist will consume a lot of time. Moreover, it will even confuse them and lead to them quoting the wrong code or guideline. This might lead to wrong paperwork, which will eventually result in the claim being rejected. In Legion, there is a team which constantly accesses the insurance policies and government rules and regulations.

2. Well Versed in OB-GYN Billing Codes

The key to earning the maximum reimbursement from the insurance company is through knowledge of OB-GYN Billing Codes. Good and accurate coding are the main pillars of medical billing. Since it is the most important part of billing, it goes without saying that this coding is difficult. For instance, each and every treatment has its own unique code.

  1. CPT code 59430 is for postpartum care after vaginal or cesarean section delivery.
  2. CPT code 59412 is for the external cephalic version.
  3. 76801, 76802, 76805, 76810, 76811, 76812, 76813, 76814, 76815, 76816, 76817, 76820, 76821, 76825, 76826, 76827, and 76828 are for maternal or fetal echography procedures.

The list is unending and keeping up with the updates on these codes is a difficult job. This would require complete subject matter expertise and experience in the field. Legion HealthCare Solutions has a team of experts who have deep knowledge and good experience in coding.

3. Better Claim Management

We at Legion Health Care Solutions believe that every Obstetrics & Gynecology Practice should receive the full remuneration for the service, be it in the form of reimbursement from the insurance company or fees from the patient. Therefore, we provide complete medical billing solutions through:

  • Up to the mark eligibility and verification of the patient at the time of the patient’s appointment so that the patient can have the right expectations about the fees he or she has to pay out of pocket.
  • Constant follow-up with the insurance companies to get a reimbursement for the claim
  • Constant follow-up with the patient to get the out of pocket expenses
  • Better Denial management of claims to get the best reimbursement of the claims and understand why claims were rejected and rectify errors if any.

4. Better Reimbursements from Insurance Companies

Legion Health Care Solutions is one of the forerunners in OB-GYN billing services because of its complete knowledge of OB-GYN billing guidelines and ability to resolve complex billing procedures. You will see the results in the form of better reimbursement.

To know more about our OB-GYN Medical Billing services, contact us at:

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