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Why Are Wound Care Billing Services Important?

People say that time heals all wounds. However, in reality, every wound, be it a small or large one, needs to be treated on time. If one fails to do so, it may lead to the wound converting into a major infection. Therefore, we need complete wound care management. In this article, we will understand how Wound Care Billing Services Providers can play a vital role in bringing in more income for the wound care management practice. It can be done through timely payments not only from the patients but also reimbursements on time from the insurance companies.

What Is The Main Aim Of Wound Care Management?

The Following Are The Main Goals Of Wound Care Management:


  • To identify the type of wound
  • What are the factors that can heal the wound?
  • Provide the correct treatment for the wound.

Why Is Wound Care Management So Complex And Time-Consuming?

There are different types of wounds.

  • Some wounds may be Minor wounds or
  • Another may be major, which causes bleeding.Some wounds may not bleed but might damage
    the internal organs.
  • There are patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc. that take more
    time to heal than normal patients.

As explained above, the different types of wounds have to be taken care of in a different manner. All these treatments are very time-consuming.

Why Does a Wound Care Expert Require a Wound Care Coding and Billing Expert?

Let us find out why a wound care practice needs the help of one of the most sought-after Wound Care Billing Companies In Texas or any other state.

Coding for Wound Care Is Tricky.

It is important to follow Wound Care Billing Guidelines to the T. There are many treatments in wound care that, if not coded properly, can lead to the following:

1. Claim denial

2. unnecessary paperwork

3. Claim denial

4. Unhappy patient since confusion about out of pocket expenses of the patient

Let Us Understand This with Some Wound Care CPT Codes.


CPT codes 11043 to 11046 are for the muscle substances that are debrided red, whereas if the debridement is done for muscular ulceration, then CPT codes 97597 to 97598 are used.

For these reasons, the wound care revenue code is tricky.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Paperwork.

Outsourcing Wound Care Medical Billing
will minimize the burden of paperwork on the medical staff. These medical billers and coders are well versed in the software. With the help of some well-designed software, they can help the practice go paperless. There is a lot of paperwork that is involved in the billing process. However, with the implementation of this software, all paperwork will be reduced totally. Apart from these main points, advanced technology will also help in making hospital bills, taking online payments, making financial reports, calculating reimbursement amounts, etc.

  1. It Decreases Chances Of Rejection

It will minimize the risk of rejection of the claims. Moreover, it will lead to timely follow-up with the insurance companies and the patients about the claim, which will lead to better reimbursements from the insurance companies as well as fee payments from the patients.

3. Avoids Errors

The prime part of medical billing is wound care CPT coding. If this is done incorrectly than it can lead to the cancellation of claims. So, rather than make an error and put undue pressure on the medical staff, it is best to let the Wound Care Billing Experts handle it. These medical billing experts can use technology, which can even do the coding work on automation. This will not only reduce but stop the errors that might occur at the time of coding.

  1. Constantly Upgraded About the Changes

When you outsource wound care billing, you will be in the hands of experts who will constantly be up-to-date with the changing policies in the medical field. Similarly, they will be aware of the amendments in insurance policies and in federal laws.

  1. More Time to Understand New Technologies

Science has made many developments. New and improved techniques are being introduced to make the work of doctors easier. One of them is 3D painting. This technology can be of great help in the wound care sector. Since the medical office has no burden of medical billing, they can explore these avenues. They can also take care of the current patients better and create strategies to bring in new patients to the practice.

Why Choose Legion Health Care as Your Wound Care Coding and Billing Expert?

We At Legion Health Solutions Provide The Following Facilities:

  1. We provide complete wound care coding guidance.
  1. Complete patient handling right from the time of appointment so that the patient knows what he has to pay and what the insurance will reimburse.
  1. Follow up for timely reimbursement for the wound care facility.
  1. Experts who are completely aware of wound care billing guidelines and up to date with
    the policies
  1. We have a team of trained experts who will assist you at every stage of the claim.
    so as to avoid any claim rejections.
  1. Complete support in wound care claim denial management.

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The prime part of medical billing is wound care CPT coding, which if done with an error can lead to the cancellation of claims.