Cardiology Medical Billing

Why Do CPT Codes In Cardiology Medical Billing Require Special Attention?

There are many different medical treatments. However, treatments that are related to cardiology are one of the most expensive. Right from the beginning, these treatments are costly. Even with the diagnosis of simple hypertension, which may lead to many heart and blood vessel diseases, the cost of the treatments is high. This article explains why CPT codes require special attention.


Why are there incorrect CPT Code Quotation Chances?


These are the Reasons why a Cardiology Practice should do Through Cardiology Medical Billing.


  1. Numerous Changes in Federal and Insurance State Rules


There are many special conditions in cardiology. These conditions require immediate attention from patients as well as Cardiology Billing Codes. Moreover, the cardiologists have to monitor these services on a constant basis because the Cardiology Coding Guidelines for federal, state, and insurance policies and laws change. This may lead to claim rejection. Furthermore, the insurance company can even deny the claim. This is possible if the practice submits insufficient documentation. In a similar manner, claims can be denied or delayed if an incorrect code is quoted.


  1. Multiple Procedures 


In certain conditions, a patient is required to undergo more than one procedure.  The cardiologist has to perform multiple procedures on the patient. In many cases, they even need the help of another specialist like an anesthesiologist. At such junctures, it becomes difficult to quote the right code. Moreover, among these complex procedures and the constant stress of work, it is almost impossible for the medical personnel or their staff to provide enough time for Cardiology Medical Coding.


  1. Cardiology Procedure Codes Require Expert Guidance 


As we all know, medical billing is more than Cardiology Procedure Codes. It is this concept that defines each and every step of the cardiology procedure. From diagnosis to treatment the insurance company reimburses on the basis of the Billed Cardiology Codes. The cardiologist will get the reimbursement from the insurance company. Moreover, it will also help the patient understand their out-of-pocket amount.   A small change or a mistake may lead to rejection and denial of claims.


Why Does a Cardiology Practice Require an Expert Cardiology Medical Billing Services Provider?


A Cardiologist Requires The Help Of A Cardiology Coding Expert Because:


  1. Complicated Coding


The cardiology coding system with the right treatment is complicated. For instance, the codes 93530-93533 are looked at and replaced by the codes 93593-93597. Cardiology billing and coding companies assist and overcome the above coding issues. They perfectly quote the code. Moreover, they update cardiology practitioners about the changes in coding policies.


  1. Ever-changing Codes 


Ever-changing codes are also another reason why a cardiologist needs the help of a Cardiology Coding Company in Texas and other states of the USA.  These companies keep themselves up to date with the changing policies. For instance, with effect from January 1, 2022, the newly received codes for cardiology billing were introduced by the ACC (American College of Cardiology) in association with the Cardiovascular Society under the guidance of AMA (American Medical Association).


  1. The Top 10 New and Revised Codes:


Below Are The Top New And Revised Codes That A Cardiologist Should Be Aware Of:


  1. 33894–33897 for endovascular repair of coarctation with a stent or angioplasty.
  2. 93593-93597 for cardiac catheterization for congenital defects.
  3. 33370 for cerebral embolic protection
  4. 93319 for 3D imaging of the cardiac structure.
  5. 93598 for Cardiac output measurement(s), thermodilution, or other indicator dilution method
  6. 93653-93656 for comprehensive electrophysiological evaluation.
  7. 0623T for automated quantification and characterization of coronary atherosclerotic plaque.
  8. 0545T for Tran’s catheter tricuspid valve annulus reconstruction.
  9. 0692T for Therapeutic ultrafiltration
  10. 0710T-0713T for noninvasive arterial plaque


Why Choose Legion Health Care for your Cardiology Medical Billing and Coding Needs?


  1. We Provide Accurate And Complete Documentation. 


We help cardiological practices be reimbursed in full. For coding and other treatments, you must complete the proper documentation. Due to the length and time commitment of this task, there is a risk of missing or incorrect documents, resulting in a loss. Legion Health Care Services, as a Cardiology Billing And Coding Company, handles all of this complicated and time-consuming paperwork for you, and even helps with insurance claims. They will submit these documents on the practice’s behalf to the insurance office for submission.


  1. Accurate Coding 


To earn full reimbursement and to earn a return on investment, it becomes important to call the procedures related to billing and coding properly. The cardiologist needs to constantly be in touch with the insurance companies to get reimbursement, which is a taxing task. So, in such a case, Legion Cardiology Medical Billing Services provider works as the mediator between the cardiologist and the insurance companies.


  1. Denial Management 


As discussed earlier, cardiovascular treatments are expensive. Therefore, a slight change in an expensive treatment can lead to the denial of a claim. This would lead to a loss for the cardiologist. The cardiology medical experts work day and night to treat their patients and we provide the best service. Therefore, it is not right that they do not get the right reimbursement from the insurance companies for the service they render. Therefore, the cardiology billing company always works with the insurance companies and checks the claim status, and even makes an inquiry about the rejected and denied claims.