How Does a Podiatry Medical Billing Service Provider Help a Podiatrist?

How Does a Podiatry Medical Billing Service Provider Help a Podiatrist?

A number of insurance companies neglect podiatric services. In fact, insurance companies do not cover many important podiatric services. The main reason for that is that they handle and take care of illnesses that are concerned with the feet and other ailments. In a similar manner, a podiatrist also treats minor injuries. However, these podiatrists diagnose and treat many foot and leg-related diseases. Some of their treatments are related to treatment for food injuries, accidental wounds, sports injuries, and injuries due to diseases like diabetes and arthritis. In this article, we will explain how a Podiatry Medical Billing Company can support a podiatrist.

As mentioned before, podiatric work is constantly considered secondary. Still, if you look at the bigger picture, the podiatrist’s diagnosis and treatment also have equal weightage. They look after patients that suffer from foot problems and illnesses related to the feet. Some of these illnesses are foot injuries, mishaps, diabetes, etc.

How Can a Podiatry Billing Company Assist a Podiatrist?

An organization that renders Podiatry Billing Services can back up a podiatrist very well. There are numerous ways in which the medical billing service provider will come to the rescue of the podiatrist. They are as under:

1.    Boost Reimbursement From Insurance Companies 

The Podiatry Medical Billing And Coding service experts will go from pillar to post to make sure that they submit all the documentation and necessary other requirements to the insurance companies. This helps to avoid claim denial and increases the chances of claim acceptance. A better reimbursement in turn plays a vital role in making sure that the podiatrist is paid in a timely manner.

2.              Better Eligibility and Verification of the Patient

It becomes a taxing task to tell the patient after the service is rendered that their insurance company will not bear the expenses and that they will have to pay the expenses out of pocket. For that reason, good eligibility and verification at the time of appointment are inevitable. They set the right expectations. Podiatry Medical Billing Services will regularly check for the particulars of the patient’s care. This will help the practice to remain up and running right from the time of patient appointment.

3.              Better Patient Follow Up After An Appointment

The Podiatry Medical Billing Company will get into the medical history, patient details, reminders for medicine refills, and other miscellaneous tasks. These tasks might look small, but they go a long way toward building a cordial relationship with patients. It makes them feel important. Moreover, these follow-ups will bear good fruit in the form of a better reputation for the practice. This will increase the patient flow further.

4.              Aids with Accurate Documentation

As we have seen earlier, Podiatry Medical Billing And Coding is a very tricky subject. This is because there are many treatments and ailments that insurance companies do not cover. Moreover, those illnesses that are covered require precise documentation. On top of that, to get the claim passed, it is equally important that the claims are filed on time. It is very hard for the podiatrist or the staff to keep track of all the records because they have to also look after the patients. So there are chances of the following errors:

a.                Not quoting the right code

b.                Untimely or late filing of a claim

c.                Add less or more information than required.

d.                Not attaching the correct documents

The above errors may result in delay or even rejection of claims. The Podiatry Medical Billing Company In Ohio or other states in the USA understands this job very well. The practice can harness the expertise of its Podiatric Billers And Coders. They can ask them to complete the simple to complex coding tasks. They will not only do the task well but also unburden the staff of this added responsibility. Therefore, they are worth a try for hassle-free coding and documentation.

5.              Pay Attention to Policy and Law Amendments 

The federal and state laws have been  amended or completely changed many times. In a similar fashion, insurance companies also constantly make changes to their policies. The codes which were quoted earlier might not be in effect now due to these changes. As a result, podiatric staff must constantly stay up to date. However, since their hands are full, they are not able to completely invest time in these aspects. The podiatry billers and coders do billing and coding work day in and day out. Therefore, it is a good idea to let the experts handle the job for you. Or can plan to outsource podiatric medical coding and billing, services. The team is always on their toes to make sure that  the coding is as per the guidelines of the state, federal laws, and the respective insurance company. This will play a lion’s share in making sure that you get the reimbursement from the insurance companies.

6.              Helps Patients Set Realistic Expectations for their payments.

As explained earlier, the Podiatry Medical Billing Services Providers are well versed in their body of work. They have all the important details, like the below ones:

  • Complete information about the patient.
  • Experience in determining how to proceed with eligibility and verification.
  • Understand federal, state, and insurance company laws and policies.
  • Complete knowledge of Podiatry Coding And Billing.

All the above pointers help the podiatric practice make sure that they update the patient on what fees the patient will pay from the time he or she books an appointment.

7.              Saves Time

It is an appropriate decision to outsource the Podiatric Medical Billing Service provider. Experts will handle the podiatric clinical billing and administration tasks.  The Podiatrist Billing Specialists will be able to save a great deal of time.

8.              It Indirectly Helps to Increase Patient Footfalls

The saved time can be utilized to give undivided focus on patient treatment. With such focus and zeal, the patient will recover faster. This in turn will build the patient’s confidence towards the practice. This will also help to earn brownie points and a good reputation. This will translate into more revenue for the practice.

Why Legion Healthcare Solutions?

Legion Healthcare Solutions is a reputed Medical Billing Services Company. Their podiatrist  coders and billers will do :

  1. In depth Eligibility and Verification of the patient
  2. We help you to get the right payment from the patient
  3. We assist in receiving the correct reimbursement from the insurance company
  4. Handle the complete coding part and documentation
  5. Through denial management

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