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What Is The Role Of Optometry Medical Billing Services Provider?

Optometry is the branch of
science that studies vision, its phenomena, and diseases. Optometrists are also
known as ophthalmologists or doctors of optometry. In this article, we will
explore what optometry is in medical terms and understand the role of an Optometry Medical Billing Services Provider. We will find out how they help an
optometric facility recover payments in the form of fees from the patients and
reimbursement from the insurance companies.   

Who Is an Optometrist in
Medical Terms?


As discussed earlier,
optometry is a medical specialty related to the eyes. An optometrist deals with
eye-related corrections. Optometric doctors also make sure that they take
steps through medication to prevent vision problems. 


What Does an Optometry Medical Billing Company Do?


The key duties and roles
of an Optometry Medical Billing Service Company are as follows: 

1.    Complete Eligibility And Verification Of The Patient:


Many optometry facilities
give the benefits check of the patient to the optometry billing and coders so
that the patient knows in advance what they have to pay and the doctor also
knows before the treatment about the money that the insurance company will

File Optometry Claims on


Each insurance company has
a specific time period to file the claim. The optometry biller makes sure that
the claims are filed on time and that there are no errors in claim

Collect All The
Necessary Information To Submit The Claim


A Medical Billing
Provider for Optometry
has to make sure that they collect all the necessary
information before they file the claim. This information includes

the patient’s personal information.

insurance-related information.

out the relevant diagnosis.

important information about the treating optometrist, like their National Provider
Identifier (NPI) number.

Quote The Right CPT Codes 


Each and every
optometrist’s treatment has a specific code attached to it. On the basis of the
information gathered, it is very important that the billing company quotes the
right CPT code. 


For example,

  • The code 65220 is for the removal
    of a foreign body from the eye without a slit lamp.
  • Code 65222 is for the
    removal of a foreign body from the eye with a slit lamp.

Denial Management 


There are some claims that
are denied. There are many reasons for the denial of a claim some of these
reasons are


of proper documentation 

CPT codes quoted


service has already been used in the past, and the insurance company has a
limit on the number of services. 



It is important to do the
proper follow-up to understand why a claim is denied so that there can be an
outcome of the denied claims. Otherwise, denied claims will go on piling up and
the date for a recheck will slip away. Optometry Billing and Coding
help in this matter and try to get a result on the

Additional Ophthalmology


An Optometric Can Give Additional Optometric Facility Jobs Like
The Following:

the patients’ appointments 

of medicines of the patients 

Why Should Legion
Healthcare Solutions be Your Optometric Billing Solutions Provider?


Legion Health Care
Solutions is a prominent Optometry Medical Billing Company In Ohio and
other parts of the United States for the following major reasons: 

Meticulous Coding System


We have in-depth knowledge
of all the Medicare Billing Guidelines For Optometry as well as the
regulations of other insurance companies. We understand the format of medical
and clinical billing in optometry and code it in a precise manner.

Good Reporting System 


We also have an excellent
reporting system that helps our clients see where they are heading in the
revenue cycle and what can be done to cut the costs and increase the revenue.
Moreover, we also have virtual meetings with our clients from time to time to
make sure that we are working together on a common goal of helping the optometry
facility grow.


Help You With Perfect
Interpretation And Report (I & R)


We also have a thorough
understanding of I & R. This is compulsory for each and every optometry
practice. It shows the conclusion and reports of the tests that the optometrist
performed. It additionally shows the clinical information, clinical
discoveries, and so on. We make sure to never neglect this report and follow
strategies to make sure that it is done in the best possible manner.


Interpretation And Report (I
& R)


interpretation and report is the procedure that is mandatory. Every optometry
practitioner has to do it. It shows the diagnosis and reports of the tests that
you performed. It also shows the medical data, any clinical findings, etc.
Failing to follow this I & R procedure will not only result in the
rejection of the claim, but in the worst cases, you may even be liable for the


Paperwork Assistance


Billing and coding require tons of paperwork. However, this paperwork is a
prerequisite in order to make sure that the practice’s claims are accepted and
the practice receives reimbursement. This desk work is an exceptionally
extended process in itself. We make sure to help the staff and the practice
complete this paperwork in a hassle-free manner. So that the practice can
concentrate on other important chores of the practice and serve the patients


Do get in touch with us if
you want to Outsource Optometry Medical Billing.

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